FlasHOLR is platform that connects you with Hauling Provider on demand basis. We use technology to improve your hauling request experience, providing set of tools to make whole process smooth and user friendly.

Through our platform, you can get estimate in advance for the cost of service that you select. We offer different packages: Vehicle Only, Vehicle + Helper(s) or Helper Only FlasHOLR mission is to make hauling easier and accessible to more people. To our valuable B2B customers, our mission is to provide stress-free uninterrupted same day delivery. We provide different level of service by handling delivery time coordination directly with your business customers.

As far as FlasHOLR mission is to provide quality delivery, however SAFETY comes first. We monitor weather and road conditions in daily basis. If road condition is not safe for drive on, we will do STOP work and reschedule to different day to allow better road condition.

Flasholr Technologies


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Custom website design featuring McDonald’s gorgeous home photos.

Website Development

Custom website development with features for models, neighborhoods and searchable home plans.

Content Writing

Content writing and consulting including content organization and draft review.

Hosting & Maintenance

Ongoing hosting, maintenance and regular updates.

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