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Here are things that will drop your Gig ranking on Fiver


Hey, Are you a long-established Seller on Fiver and suddenly drop your gig ranking and Lost gig impressions? Like your perfectly working Gig disappeared from search in last few months. I have experienced the same.

There are many factors for rank or de-rank your gigs on fiver. If you want to learn why and how to fix it, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the factors I have noticed that can drop your Gig Ranking…

1. Read Carefully all Fiverr’s Terms of Service:

There is a Large number of People who Don’t read the Terms of Service. Most of them get their account deleted by Fiverr in order to violate their Terms of Service but they don,t know about them.

2. Never Ask your Client for Review:

Don’t force buyers to provide positive feedback. Even Asking for reviews could risk your account. It’s Up to the Buyer if He/She willing to provide a review.

3. Don’t edit your Gig Title:

You can lose your ranking Changing the Gig title is a significant part. When you Create the Gig add the Gig Title Correctly and Don’t change it when Gig created.

4. Changing Gig image again and again:

There is no need to Change the Gig image again and again. Because changing in Gig again and again will have a negative impact. Make you have complete Research and Knowledge and Create it once.

5. Avoid the Cancellation off Order

No matter what type of cancellation it will Drop your Gig Ranking and traffic. Cancellation may affect the seller level as well.

6. Request to Extend the delivery time

Requesting Time Extension may Drop your Gig ranking badly(My Personal Experience). So please give extra Delivery time in which you can manage to deliver on time.


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