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Knowing These 5 Secrets Will Make Your Web Design Look Amazing


    Hey, Do want to improve your website bounce rate? Just give me few minutes I give you the secret behind the web design.
    Here we will address the design issue that will lead to the high bounce rate including bad structure and layout or slow load time.
    So, you want to improve your website bounce rate?  These 5 web design hacks will help you with that:

    1. Effective Use of Colors:

    Almost every book has black text on white paper because it’s easy to read. The user won’t read what is not able to see easily. A recent case study shows that altering and balancing colors on your website design can increase conversion by 24%.
    Always make sure the colors you are using make sense together. It is best to use one or two colors. The use of too many colors will make the design unprofessional and cluttered. it is best to use two contrasting colors for your color scheme and always make sure that matches your brand colors.
    Effective Use of Colors in Webdesign

    2. Tidy up Your Website Speed:

    Speeding up website load time will massively improve your bounce rate.  If the user finds themselves waiting more than few seconds on your page loading, they will leave the page and you will lose conversion.

    Let me share some tips that help you increase page load speed:

      • Every time a user visits your website, it will load all the plugins so if you using too many plugins it will definitely slow down your speed. It is recommended to Remove or Deactivate the Plugins which are not in use.
      • Also, remove the unused Javascript and CSS code. Minifying Javascript and CSS will also increase your website speed.
      • The optimization of your image sizes is one of the simplest ways to optimize website speed. in many ways, you can make image files smaller so it will take less bandwidth without the ways original images appear on the website.
      • There the other factor that will improve the speed as well like using a better Host and using website cache.

    Website speed effect on bounce rate

    3. Your Layout Should be Responsive :

    Every client these days wants the mobile version of their website, It practically essential that the design must be compatible with all screen resolutions. More than 50%  of the website traffic comes from mobile devices. Responsive design means your website design will adjust according to the screenshot resolution.

    Irresponsive web design will cost you a loss of mobile visiter and a high bounce rate…
    Responsive web design

    4. Visual Hierarchy:

    Designers can create normalcy out of chaos; they can clearly communicate ideas through the organizing and manipulating of words and pictures.”

    Jeffery Veen, The Art, and Science of Web Design
    visual hierarchy in web design
    Visual hierarchy, one of the most important principles behind good web design makes sure the most important features of your website are also the most eye-catching.
    The simplest way is to list down all your items and list them by their importance. After that follow the list and make the most important element biggest and most contrasting.

    5. Use Infographics:

    Infographics are one of the most crucial elements that you need to keep in mind that makes complex information eye-catching and understandable. That will increase the traffic on your website. As infographics are shared and liked on Social three-time more than other types of content.

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